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It's GOING DOWWWWWNNNNNN!! Cardi B Threatens To BEAT UP Amber Rose . . . Says That Next Time She Sees Her . . . Cardi's Popping Her 'ON SIGHT'!!!

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Cardi B is turning back the HANDS of time, and being the AGGRESSIVE NEW YORK chick that we all fell in love with. And according to Cardi, the next time she sees Amber Rose, it's ON SIGHT.

What happened? Well Amber is a THOT with no morals, and she's been throwing herself at Cardi's boyfriend Migos rapper Offset. Word is that Amber is currently following Migos tour around with Karrueche.

So Cardi is fighting mad. She popped off on social media last night, basically saying that she plans to PUT HANDSon Amber for her f*ck sh*t.


Here's the Instagram post that started it all - with Offset gawking at Amber:

The other night (4/20), Amber was spotted in Orlando at the Vintage Lounge....while Migos performed at the Gilt night club, also in Orlando...

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And last night Amer was allegedly in Jacksonville . . .

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