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It's GOING DOWWWWNNN!!! Rihanna Is Taking SHOTS At Beyonce . . . Over Grammy Award SNUB!! (Should Bey FIRE BACK . . . Or Ignore Rih??)


Yesterday, Rihanna fired her first PUBLIC SHOT against Beyonce in nearly a year - after Rih felt she was snubbed in the Best Album category.

You see, Rihanna received eight Grammy Award nominations, while Beyonce received nine (including best album).

Rihanna and Beyonce have always COMPETED against each other - even for men (ahem, Jay). Not they're competing over Grammy nods.

Check out what one fan said about Rihanna SNUBBING Beyonce, and Rih co-signing it publicly.

UPDATE: Rihanna is now back tracking on her previous comment, after having her comments SAVAGELY ATTACKED by the beehive: