A disturbing video has just been released - showing a woman nearly snapping her neck trying to win a $25K Twerk Challenge that was put on by the City Girls.

A twerk dancer managed to win the money, but she came close to losing her life trying to win the prize. The dancer, a Jamaican Dancehall dancer named HeadTop, sprained her neck taking home the prize money.

But it could have been much worse. Headtop was doing a headstand, and she tried to fall backwards. Unfortunately, her head folded underneath the weight and her neck bent ALL THE WAY BACK.

Her neck was a mere couple of centimeters from snapping - which would have led to paralysis or death.

But Headtop managed to survive the incident. She was taken to the hospital afterward with a neck sprain. But she's $25K richer.

Here's the video, showing the woman injuring her neck:

Here's the full video: