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A woman is going viral on social media, after she confessed to her man on LIVE - that back in college she got g*ng b*nged by 20 men from the Bahamas.

The woman's boyfriend recorded her confession, and streamed it on LIVE to his followers. The confession has now been seen by more than 1 million people.

The woman claims that back in college had a s*xual encounter with 20 Bahamian men at the same time. She went into graphic detail of what went down.

Her boyfriend, who did not appear shocked by her confession, decided to secretly record and stream the private confession.

The woman confessed to her boyfriend, "I was on my back, I was on my knees, I was standing up. Some sitting down. And I was bouncing my a** like while my back was turned. I rode. Got on top, bounced up and down."

In all, the woman seemed proud of her accomplishment.

Also, the woman claims that since the encounter was years ago - her body has bounced back into shape. She explains, "My p*ssy is still the same [tightness] after all these years."