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Girl Claims She Was BEAT UP BY Rapper Casanova . . . Broke Her Jaw!!!


A NYC woman named Niya Rucker is claiming that rapper Casanova and his entourage jumped her - and broke her jaw. She claims they beat her up, because they believed she was trying to put them on Live.

Niya told local NYC news that she was attacked Casanova and a group of men he was with. She told PIX11 News, "This this is embarrassing, I haven’t eaten food in THREE days,” She claims that she has stitches in her face, a broken jaw and a tooth was knocked loose. "And its more than just the physical pain.”

Here's whats he claims went down. At around 4:40 a.m. on Monday, Niya was eating at  The Good Stuff Diner on West 14th Street. She says Casanova was also there with a group. Niya began LIVESTREAMING at the restaurant, and she claims Casanova thought that she was putting him in the live post.

According to Niya, Casanova and his crew attacked her - with one man putting her in a chokehold, dragged out of the booth and pulled her across the diner. She claims that she is certain that Casanova was one of the men who assaulted her - by grabbing her arm, her phone and deleting her Instagram live post.

NYC police are looking into the incident.