Giraffe Dies In FREAK ZOO ACCIDENT . . . The Animal 'HANGED ITSELF' From A Tree!!! (VIDEO)

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A 10-year-old male giraffe named Hai Rong died yesterday - at the Kunming Zoo in China.

Hai Rong was rubbing his neck against the tree when he got stuck in a gap between branches, reported Zoo officials spent almost five hours trying to free the giant animal - but it was too late.

The below video footage shows zookeepers and vets coming to Hai’s rescue. They eventually cut away one of the branches which trapped him. The giant animal fell to the ground, having suffered severe neck damage. The zoo staff tried unsuccessfully to revive him, the report said.

The zoo plans to preserve the giraffe’s body, according to a report by Spring City Evening News, a local newspaper in Kunming.

"The guests at the zoo in Kunming, capital city of south-western China's Yunnan Province, were horrified to see the mammal's neck lodged between the two thick branches," The Daily Mail reported. "One bystander filmed the distressing incident. Their video shows the moment Hairong collapses to the ground after its neck is finally freed."

According to the Daily Mail, "the giraffe had often used the part of tree he hung himself on to scratch its neck. However, on this day it became stuck. Zoo staff used a ladder to reach its head but it was firmly lodged. They tried sawing one of the branches off but were still no able remove animal's neck from the gap. Crowds had gathered and could not look away from the morbid sight."