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Actress Gina Rodriguez is going viral - after suggesting that Black actresses in Hollywood have a "privilege" over Latina and Asian actresses, when it comes to pay.

In a recent interview - that is now going viral - Gina makes the controversial remarks in front of a packed audience.

Gina tells the interviewer, ‘White actresses get more than black actresses, black actresses get more than Asian actresses, Asian actresses get more than Latinas...’ The implication behind the statement Is that somehow Black actresses get some sort of "benefit" over Latina and Asian actresses.

And she got a co-sign. Next to her was actress Gabrielle Union - one of the biggest Black actresses in Hollywood. She can be seen nodding in agreement to Gina's statement.

Gabrielle is taking some heat online, for not challenging Gina's statement.

Here is the video:

Despite Gabby not checking Gina, according to People Magazine Gina has always had some sort of activism in her...

AS a young teen, the Jane the Virgin star tagged along with her dad Genaro, who worked as a union rep for factory workers in Chicago, as he went to defend a single mother in danger of losing her job. Rodriguez watched as her father defended the woman and won the negotiation to let her keep her job. Afterward, the two were driving home when Rodriguez asked why he was so passionate defending a woman he didn’t even know.

“He goes, ‘I did it because she couldn’t do it for herself, Gina. That’s what you do, you’re a voice for the voiceless,’ ” Rodriguez, 34, recalls. “I was so young and I remember thinking, ‘That is so badass. That’s what I want to do.’ My artistic mind and my artistic heart said that’s what I can do in this space — I can be a voice for the voiceless, I can be face for those that are misrepresented, I can create opportunities for those that haven’t had their voices or their stories told. I can be my father in that negotiation room but in the world of art. And that’s what made me do what I do.”