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Rapper Gillie Da Kid is not here for T-Pain's support of Tekashi 6ix9ine snitching on his co-conspirators.

T-Pain said the following during an interview on 'Big Boy's Neighborhood':

"I would snitch so hard. But on the real though, the man has a family and a daughter! A lot of people say, 'Well he wasn’t thinking about that when he was doing that!' Yes he was!"

But Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid was quick to blast T-Pain over the remarks:

"If you a young n*gga and you feel how this n*gga T-Pain feel? Don't sign up for the streets. Once you sign up, you already crossed the line! N*gga, ain't no going back! You out here giving out the wrong messages. You should tell them n*ggas, 'Don’t get in the game if you gon' snitch hard,' because once you in the game, b*tch it’s called stand what you do, n*gga. You just act like a n*gga could snitch and ain’t no consequences gon' be behind that!" Gillie said via a post on Instagram.

Are y'all riding with Gillie or T-Pain on this one?