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Gillie Da Kid is unhappy with fellow Philly rapper Cassidy after Cassidy trashed him in a recent interview with ThisIs50.

Cassie headed down to Atlanta to battle Goodz, but Cassidy, according to Gillie, "laid a sh*tty brown egg" and began to argue with the crowd. Gillie revealed that he told Goodz before the battle that he didn't stand a chance against Cassidy - but Cassidy lost the battle.

"Gillie ain't even see the battle, man," Cassidy said in the interview.

"These n*ggas don't even judge battle rap. I never seen Gillie judging no battle rap before...he [has] never seen the f*cking battle. He don't know what's going on [and] he didn't hear any of the bars.

"It don't even matter what Gill said, at the end of the day, I clearly bodied the man [Goodz]," he added.

But Gillie did not take kindly to Cassidy's dismissal:

"Just because I'm out here I'm being a leader in the community and I'm being a positive role model for the kids, don't disrespect me, man. Don't make me update my work on you, boy. 'Cause you know I catch your ass and check your temperature. And I'll take that muthafucka from 100 down to room temperature real fast, man."

"If you ain't got nothing to say positive about me, don't mention me at all, man.And if you do mention me fix your energy, n*gga. 'Cause if me and you were face-to-face, you know goddamn well you wouldn't have that energy, boy."