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Gillie Da Kid has responded to Kodak Black's "Expeditiously" - a diss track aimed at T.I., The Game, and Gillie.

The track was released in response to the rappers who checked Kodak after he tried to holler at Lauren London on his Instagram Live, saying that he'd give her a year to grieve before he makes his move.

"N*gga waitin' on for me to fall off just like that boy Gillie / Said they ride for me 'til the wheel fall off, I be like, ‘Oh really?’ / How you tell me what came out my mouth, you don't even know Nipsey?” Kodak raps.

But anyone who knows of Gillie knew that he was not going to take the bars lying down:

"If you f*ck up, then you acknowledge that you f*cked up. The hardest thing in life to do is to say playas f*ck up, too. Accept responsibility. N*ggas hate to accept responsibility, but we gon' hold you accountable for it," he said in a post shared on his Instagram account.

"R.I.P. to Nipsey, but to that n*gga Kodak Black, smarten up man. You disrespecting me on a song. That sh*t don't mean nothing to me because the bottom line is, I got a 19-year-old son that if I put you and him in a room together, he'll be the dog sh*t out you. And that's on everything I love. He would beat the dog sh*t out you. I don't wanna hear, 'Yeah he grew up boxing.' If I put you and my youngest son in a room together, 'mano y mano,' he would beat diarrhea sh*t down your leg."