Podcaster Gia Casey, wife of 'The Breakfast Club' DJ Envy took to Instagram to share a throwback pic of hubby DJ Envy, in celebration of their 18th anniversary.

The pic shows a young, fresh Envy rocking a tux in his graduation pic. He has aged extremely well.

"I fell in love with this little face almost 25 years ago, and then married him 7 years later at the age of 22... I’m reminded of exactly how much I love this little face every time that I look into the faces of our 5 children because each one of them has a piece of his magic... ✨♥️💫 Happy 18th Anniversary Pookie Alla Pook Pook! I love you because you make me love life!!! 🙏🏼💕#youngenvy #collegegraduationpicture #wegivelife #welivelife #TheCaseyCrew 💃🏽♥️🕺🏽 @djenvy" she captioned the post.

The couple have been together for close to three decades and went through one bump in the road a few years back when reality television star Erica Mena put him on blast for cheating on his wife with her. Envy admitted to his transgressions and worked hard to get his marriage back on track.

They are still going strong.