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It's Getting REAL OUTCHEA . . . Municipalities Have A NEW WAY To Get You To Pay Your PARKING TICKETS . . . That's MORE EFFECTIVE . . . Than Using A BOOT!!

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Municipalities have a new way to make you pay your tickets it's called "The Barnacle." If you owe parking tickets you may find one on your car. Here is how it is being described:

Using the latest materials and technology, the Barnacle attaches securely to the windshield, obstructing the view and immobilizing the vehicle. It comes equipped with an integrated pump and commercial grade suction cups that provide hundreds of pounds of force, securely fastening it to the windshield and making it nearly impossible to remove without the release code. With a built-in anti-tamper alarm, it can sense when someone is attempting to move the vehicle or illegally remove the device.

User friendly and lightweight, it allows the motorist to quickly remove the device and be on their way after paying the necessary fines over the phone. The Barnacle makes the process easier for all parties involved: the administration, enforcement personnel and the violator.