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Gervonta Davis: I'm Okay With Getting Sick With COVID For My Fans!!

Boxer Gervonta Davis is getting clowned online after claiming that he was fine with getting COVID-19, a deadly virus -- to please his fans.

“I’m just only speaking for me as a fighter – I’m okay with getting sick to please the fans,” Davis said.

“If I got sick and I find out that night, I’d be okay with it just knowing that I put on a great show. I did it in front of the fans. I did it for a cause. If I gotta take that hit, then you know I’ll quarantine by myself, and I did something great for the sport and things like that. I’m not saying I want that to happen but if that was to happen, I’m okay with taking that lick on the chin. Take that 14 days and stay healthy.”

Fans did not appreciate his comments. He then hopped back online to issue the following apology on his Instagram Story.