A Georgia woman who went viral after she posted online that she'd purposefully given her ex-lovers HIV, is backtracking, claiming that she lied about it all.

Americus Police Maj. Herman Lamar told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Brandi Yakeima Lasiter met with detectives and showed them results of a September 2018 blood test indicating she did not have HIV. 

Brandi has also agreed to take a new test to prove that she is clear.

"She stated she was angry at the people named in the video when she posted it," Lamar said, per AP.

In the original clip, lasting about a minute, Brandi lists more than ten men she claimed to have unprotected sex with. "You HIV-positive!" she said in the clip while walking the street in her bonnet. "Now y' all sick as f*ck." 

It is a felony in Georgia to knowingly transmit HIV.

Watch her now-viral rant in the video below.