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CBS talk show host Gayle King seemed to imply while interviewing former WNBA player, Lisa Leslie and close friend of Kobe Bryant, that Kobe Bryant was guilty of the rape allegations he was accused of 17 years ago. Lisa in her defense of Bryant said the allegations didn't fit with the person she knew. 

Lisa said she had been around Bryant many times and had never seen him treat women as sexual objects although she had witnessed many other NBA players do it. King was clearly unpersuaded by Lisa's response asked if "a friend would really know?"

Gayle's dismissal of Lisa's opinion on Kobe's guilt based on her assessment of his character is an interesting position given her on-going friendship and support of Charlie Rose, an accused sexual predator who worked as her co-host at CBS.

Since dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Charlie Rose, Gayle has offered all sorts of defenses for him. And Oprah's BFF claims that despite his impropriety towards women, she still considers him a "friend." 

And Gayle has also stood up for her friend - and even tried to get reports against him shut down. In 2018, she blasted the Washington Post, which reported details of 27 additional accounts of sexual misconduct against the disgraced newsman.

When the Washington Post came out with their report, Gayle said on the air, “When the story first broke, I said Charlie was my friend. I still consider him a friend. I know that’s probably not the politically correct thing to say this moment, but I don’t believe in abandoning friends when they’re down.”

“I don’t know what more we can do to Charlie Rose, except for a public flogging. He’s gone. He’s not coming back to CBS News,” she said. 

Gayle’s co-host Norah O’Donnell wasn't as forgiving of the Caucasian alleged sexual predator on the matter.

At the time, she posted on Twitter:

“What I’ve said previously still stands true, and bears repeating now: women will only achieve equality in the workplace and society when there is a full reckoning and behaviors change. There is no excuse for the alleged actions of my former co-host.”