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There's no shame in Gayle King's game, and the journalist shared several pictures from her vacation, where she celebrated her "cellulite cottage cheese thighs" - her own words, not ours.

"Tradition continues ! Photo shoot w/Fav niece @mknzschwb in Mexico ! swipe left for celebration of cellulite cottage cheese thighs...happy to report no photoshopping allowed!" King wrote, sharing a picture of her niece as well as one of herself wearing a one-piece rainbow swimsuit.

King made headlines last week when she interviewed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about his platform refusing to remove false political ads.

"The main thing now that people are talking about are the political ads — that you don't want to take down political ads that... contain false information," King told Zuckerberg.

"What I believe is that in a democracy, it's really important that people can see for themselves what politicians are saying, so they can make their own judgments," Zuckerberg replied defensively. "And, you know, I don't think that a private company should be censoring politicians or news."