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GAY NFL Player Photo'd Frolicking On The Beach With His Tiny Boyfriend!!

NFL player Ryan Russell formerly of the Buffalo Bills was caught by the paparazzi as he and his partner, dancer Corey O’Brien showed some serious PDA while at the beach.

The photos, which MTO News has obtained, show the couple laughing and openly caressing one another. The couple were last seen on the August cover of JeJune Magazine, a magazine covering fashion and art through a "socially aware" lens. 


For those wondering - Ryan is OUT.  MTO News confirmed that the football defensive end played college football at Purdue on a football scholarship. He played with the Dallas Cowboys for the 2015 season; the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2016 and 2017 seasons; and was signed by the Buffalo Bills for the 2018 season. He's currently a free agent, and expects to be signed this season.

In August 2019, Ryan came out publicly as bisexual in an essay for ESPN. He did so to live honestly and without fear of being outed; he also cited the fear of not being able to support his mother and grandfather if he lost his career.

At the same time, he introduced his boyfriend Corey O’Brien, a dancer; they opened Corey & Russ, a YouTube channel; as of June 2020, they have over 15,600 followers.