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Gay Man Posted DIRECT MESSAGES From Diddy's Son . . . Claims Puff's Son IS GAY!!


Sean "Puffy" Combs second son Justin is caught up in a bit of controversy A gay man is posting screenshots of an alleged conversation between himself and Justin . . . and suggesting that Justin is GAY.

The screenshots - as you can see below - are heavily edited. The man claims that the messages are "evidence" of some type of GAY relationship between hm and Diddy's son Justin.

The messages start out with the two men appearing to discuss some sort of travel plans. Then the man claims to have "pictures" that the two men exchanged. It's not clear WHAT was in the pictures - or who sent what to whom - but the suggestion is that the images were graphic in nature.

Diddy's son Justin has been hit with "gay" rumors before. At he time, Justin said that while he has nothing against gay people - he's completely straight.

Here are the screenshots:


And here's a recent Instagram photo Justin posted:

Back in March it was reported that, "after graduating from UCLA in 2016, the music mogul's 24-year-old son is moving on to the Ivy League to set up his future, according to his mother. On March 3, Misa Hylton confirmed that her son was heading to the prominent Boston, Mass. school (Harvard) but didn't reveal what his major would be.

"The new face at @Harvard My intelligent, handsome son who has a heart of Gold," Misa wrote, tagging Justin in the post.

While attending UCLA, Justin earned a Bachelors degree in Sociology and was also a defensive back for the UCLA Bruins football team. At the time of his graduation in 2016, Diddy shared his praise for Justin for being the first member of his family to graduate from college.