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Gay Man LEAKS VIDEO . . . Claims He And TEKASHI 6ix9ine . . . Are LOVERS!!


An openly gay Brooklyn man claims to be Tekashi 6ix9ine's gay lover - and he says he has proof - a video. The man went on LIVE yesterday and exposed his shocking claims. And the video seems compelling.

The gay man making the allegations is eccentric - for example, he wears CONK SHELLS in his braids. And many on social media are disputing his claims - saying he's just another person looking to "chase clout" - by mentioning the buzzing rapper to try and create a controversy.

In the start of the video, the man claims that he and Tekashi are gay lovers. The man spoke GRAPHICALLY about the nature of their alleged relationship, saying "Tekashi F**ks me and I f***k him." And just when you thought that the video was over - the UNEXPECTED HAPPENS.

The graphic video is cut short by some sort of commotion. And you can clearly hear Tekashi's voice in the video. The man is claiming that Tekashi was in the room with him when he created the video.

Here is the video again