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GAY Man Gives LIVE INTERVIEW . . . Claims He’s Has ‘RELATIONSHIP’ . . . With PLATINUM-SELLING RAPPER!! (We Have The ALLEGED Text Messages)

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A gay man is making a SHOCKING allegation – that he’s been in a relationship with a TOP RAPPER – for MANY YEARS.

The gay man is named Twisted Genius, and he works as a stylist. He was interviewed by legendary journalist Star.

The gay man does not name the rapper, and neither does Star which is annoying. So viewers are left trying to figure out which A-list rapper he’s referring to.

Some fans are speculating that the rapper could be former G-Unit rapper, Young Buck. There have already been rumors on the blogs regarding his alleged relationship with a gay stylist.

Twisted Genius claims that he has been having an intimate relationship with a high profile rapper and that they have a very sexual relationship. Genius admits that the rapper has never told him he loved him and that they kiss on the mouth and that they service each other.

Genius will neither confirm nor deny whether he has met the leader of the “group” and let him know that the rapper does not dress up and that the stylist has penetrated him from behind. He also stated that the wife knows about him.

It’s a very graphic interview. If you know Star, you know that he isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions (no pun intended.)

Listen to the full interview below.

Last summer Twisted Genius, provided the below text messages – to an Instagram blog. They may or may not have something to do with this story:

Here is the first message

Here is the second message

Here is the third message

Here is the fourth message