Gay Atlanta Men HIT On Tamar Braxton . . . They Thought She Was A TRANSGENDER!!

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Tamar Braxton had more fans than she could have hoped for last night - as she made an appearance at a popular GAY CLUB during Atlanta's Pride week. Tamar hosted the labor day weekend official Atl Black pride party at Revel “Ape shit” yesterday.

And as she was walking to the club, she started getting some cat calls. Even though the crowd was 100% male and 100% gay - men were falling over to talk to Tamar. That is, before they realized who she was.

One partygoer told MTO News, "They thought she was a [transgender] and were trying to talk to her. When they realized it was Tamar, they still wanted to talk. They just no longer wanted to f*ck."

Tamar is BELOVED by the gay community, for her constant support of LGBT issues.