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The Los Angeles Piru gang is claiming that rapper Soulja Boy is late paying his monthly extortion fees. A member of the gang reached out o Soulja Boy in his DMs, and informed that rapper that he's late.

Soulja Boy has reportedly been extorted by gang members for many years. The rapper is allowed to use gang phrases, like "Piru", and to wear gang colors in his videos. In exchange, Soulja Boy has to pay large sums of money to the gang leaders on a monthly basis.

Yesterday, an OG from the PIRUs went in Soulja Boy's DMs - and threatened the rapper.

The message ends with the ominous phrase, "this sh*t aint for play"

We get the feeling that he's not going planning on send Soulja Boy's debt to a collection agency . . . 

Here's the message that they sent him:


Soulja Boy is currently on a press run and he also ran into some more controversy yesterday. We reported that:

Soulja was continuing his press run at Sirius XM when he ran into the Cas, who promptly let him know he had a problem with the way Soulja allegedly yelled at a woman in the radio station. The Brooklyn MC stepped up to the SODMG founder and let him know not to disrespect women no matter what the situation is.

"You screamed at a lady, you bugging the fuck out homie," Casanova told Soulja. "You got shit all over your face. Are you bugging out? You high? You smacked? You don't see how she ran out?"

Without offering any kind of apology, Soulja Boy retorted by trying to defend his actions. After all the backlash he's received from claiming he had the biggest comeback of 2018, the Young Drako rapper makes it seem like he'll take on anyone for even partially disrespecting him regardless of their gender.