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Emotions were high at yesterday's Staples Center Los Angeles funeral for rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle. And at one point, emotions went into overdrive - and gang members assaulted security at the Los Angeles arena.

21,000 people arrived as guests to Nipsey Hussle's funeral - many were friends or associates of the popular hip hop legend.

And security for the venue was tight, maybe too tight. The security reportedly began antagonizing funeral guests, by making them wait outside for 3 hours.

At first the guests were patient. But after a few hours, many of Nipsey's former gang member friends lost their cool and attacked the security team.

Police report that at 3 security guards suffered minor injuries. 2 of the guards suffered concussions after being knocked unconscious.

Here's a full explanation from one of Nipsey's female homies:

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that:

Sources familiar with Nipsey's Celebration of Life at the Staples Center arena this Thursday tell us there will be an abundance of security from multiple agencies and organizations -- all with the intention of keeping the memorial peaceful and drama-free.

We're told security on hand Thursday will feature a mix of muscle -- from members of the LAPD, members of the Nation of Islam, as well as Staples Center personnel. Our sources say the LAPD is only on hand to offer assistance ... helping to move traffic, keep the peace and to step in if needed.

The reason for such a strong presence ... our sources say a big part of it has to do with Nipsey's family's wishes in wanting to prevent further violence -- especially in the wake of the chaos that broke out at Nipsey's L.A. vigil last week ... which cops now say left 2 people shot.