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'Game of Thrones' star Emilia Clarke revealed that she ruined the first time she met Beyonce - and wants a do-over.

Clarke, 32, visited 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Wednesday night to talk about the popular HBO series and the currently trending episode titled 'The Long Night' in which an epic fight scene lasted almost the entire length of the show.

Emilia met Bey at an Academy Awards afterparty.

“She [Beyoncé] voluntarily came up to me, open-faced like, ‘I wanna talk to this girl,’” Emilia said. “And I just messed it up. She was clearly a fan and I ruined it.”

But instead of words, Emilia only managed to push out a weird noise.

“I think I started crying. Exactly that noise came out of my mouth. And she was like, 'Hey this is uncomfortable now. I thought you’d be cool, you’re not cool, bye.' And I was like, ‘No, can I get you a drink?’”

According to Emilia, Jay-Z was there to witness the incident.

“I absolutely love her. It breaks my heart how much I messed it up, she added.