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Gabrielle Union UNDER FIRE . . . People Are Saying She 'NOW LOOKS OLD'!!! (Close Up)


Gabrielle Union is one of the most BEAUTIFUL women of our generation - and she STILL is. But there are a group of haters on social media that are calling her out - and suggesting that she looks "old" after getting a new short hairstyle.

Gabrielle looks GREAT with her new short cut, according to most OBJECTIVE onlookers. But hat hasn't stopped a gang of people from posting what can only be described as "hateful" comments alongside the picture on social media.

Here are some of the mean spirited comments:

She looks like the deacon's wife at my church

Well, it's a wrap for Gabby. Without her looks, her career is over.

Looks like D Wade's aunty.

There were more VICIOUS comments, but in the interest of decency, we did not publish them.


Despite the HATERS, Gabby has been rocking her fresh, new NATURAL hairstyle for a few months now. The cute bob is perfect for the summertime. According to Allure:

"Now, you may be thinking, Wait, I've seen her with a bob before. And you're right — this isn't the first time Union has sported the style. Her go-to hairstylist Larry Sims gave her weave a chin-grazing bob last year. And apparently, she must have adored the look as much as we did because she decided to take the plunge and cut her natural hair in a similar style."

Union posted a video on Instagram saying she was "crazy" for the new look, executed by Sims once gain. "1st time I've EVER significantly cut my OWN hair in my life and I LOVE IT!!!" she captioned the post. "Not a wig or a weave... wanted something new and different so I did the damn thing and you cant tell me nada 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾"