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Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union is letting tv execs know that she won't be backing down in her fight for justice following her unceremonious firing from America's Got Talent, warning others not to be a "happy Negro."

"Don't be the happy Negro that does the bidding of the status quo because you're afraid. Don't allow them to call you angry when someone else is called passionate. It's terrifying," she said at a female empowerment and inclusivity panel at the launch of her holiday collection with New York & Company. "There's a solid chance you'll lose your job … I speak from experience.

"Do your best because corporations want global dollars," she continued per Variety. "Do your best to try to hold the door open and hold people responsible. Yeah, I'm asking you to do the impossible … I'm fully aware that job loss is on the table … but if you're not doing it, nobody is."

NBC and AGT producers have faced backlash after they fired Union for raising several issues regarding racial insensitivities, with the network even allegedly urging her to tone down her hairstyles as they were "too Black."