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Gabrielle Union May Be About To LOSE HER HUSBAND . . . After Dwyane Wade FLIRTY Interview!!!

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NBA star Dwyane Wade appeared ready to RISK IT ALL in a recent interview with Sports beauty Taylor Ricks. Taylor conducted an interview with Gabrielle Union's husband where the two flirted heavily, and the chemistry was amazing.

At multiple times during the interview, their eyes met, and it was almost electrifying. And Taylor's bosses recognized the chemistry of the interview also. They titled the interview "Sex scenes and Spades."

We know that he is not another Tristan Thomas, so it's likely that his focus was to keep his eyes away from her tight-fitting outfit. We know how dedicated he is to Gabrielle.

Recently, Wade made headlines after he broke down after learning that one of the victims of the Parkland school shooting was wearing one of his jerseys when he was brutally murdered.

"You really can't put that in words," Wade said to press. "You hurt for the family. If you ever get the opportunity to speak to them, you just try to hope the time where he was alive that you were able to bring some type of joy to his life and something memorable. A story that his family and you guys can talk about."

Such a decent guy. But this interview with Taylor Rooks is one for the books! We wonder what his wife thought of the show?

Here are some stills that show Wade looking more FOCUSED ON TAYLOR than he was in the 2006 NBA Finals.