Last week America's Got Talent host Terry Crews stunned former AGT judge Gabrielle Union. He, much to her dismay, publicly discredited her claims of racist and sexist behavior behind the scenes at the show.

According to Terry, an African American male, there was "absolutely nothing racist or discriminatory" about America's Got Talent.

Gabrielle, however, is currently locked in a bitter employment dispute with NBC Universal. According to Gabby, AGT was a racist and sexist work environment. NBC is taking her claims of maltreatment seriously and is currently investigating all of her claims.

But even before the investigation had been completed, Terry decided to come out - and try to discredit Gabrielle.

Last night the beautiful and talented actress fought back against Terry.

Here's what she said:

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NBC launched a formal investigation into America's Got Talent in December following a Variety report that Union's contract as a judge had not been renewed after she reported a racist joke to producers and was told that her hairstyles were “too black” for viewers. Further reporting from Vulture detailed the alleged tension between Union and Simon Cowell, a co-judge and executive producer, saying she had complained about his smoking on set.

Fans and fellow celebrities came out in support of Union after her firing. Many publicly criticized the network for dropping her, and called out the racist and sexist behavior that she reportedly complained about to the network.

Both Crews' and Union's representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment Saturday. However, Union appeared to address Crews' comments in several tweets Friday, noting that diversity in front of the camera doesn't necessarily translate to diversity behind it.