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Gabrielle Union released the Wade family Christmas pic yesterday - but Dwayne's "break baby" Xavier was not included.

In the pic, you see Dwyane's three sons Zaire and Zion and Dahveon. Dahveon is the son of Wade's sister Deanna, but Dwyane legally adopted him as his son.

Also in the pic is newborn daughter Kaavia. They even have the family DOGS in the pic.

But one person is missing - Dwyane's other son Xavier. Xavier was born during and outside Gabby and Dwyane's relationship.

There's a complicated relationship between Gabrielle Union and 5-year-old Xavier.

Gabby and Dwyane officially say they were "on break" when Xavier was conceived - but MTO spoke with multiple sources who tell us that's NOT true. Our insiders claim that Dwyane was cheating on Gabby, when he got his side chick Aja Metoyer pregnant.

Gabby has forgiven Dwyane for his transgressions - but she doesn't seem ready to fully include son Xavier into their family.

Here is the pic: