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G Herbo Is Not Feeling The Way Women Carry Themselves Online

G Herbo has a few words of advice for women who do not conduct themselves in a classy way on Instagram -- even if he has sex with you, he'll never wife you.

"We was just having a conversation in the studio like, nowadays, this sh*t really like set up for a person to really not, to not be in a relationship/ Whether you a man, a woman, whatever it is. 'Cause the way women carry theyself on the internet, that sh*t cool, it might be fun. Even if a n*gga f*ck you, I'm not gonna wanna be with you, you know what I'm saying?" he said to Gillie Da Kid and Wallo.

"I'll never really make you what I got at home. It don't even mix." 

He says he's unimpressed with the ladies he sees on the Gram.


He continued, "Even if I was single right now, the sh*t you see every day on the internet, I wouldn't be with that. I wouldn't be with it. I wouldn't want to build a family with none of that sh*t. Even if we startin' from scratch, I know it's something to build. I can really build with my girl."