G Herbo 2019 DOMESTIC ABUSE Arrest Video Leaks - FREAKS Out in Police Car


MTO News obtained a new video of G Herbo’s 2019 arrest - where he was accused of attacking his baby's mother Ari Fletcher. The video was leaked by “Real World Police” on YouTube. 

The video starts with G Herbo in handcuffs and he's talking with police about what led to the altercation.

The rapper can be heard saying, “For what it’s not even worth it. For what! She could have just given me my sh*t. Why did she want to hold on to me? She wants to f*ck me or something? What is it, we did that already. I just f*cked her the day before yesterday.”

G Herbo then explained how in love he was with his current girlfriend Taina Williams. The rapper claimed that he was only there to retrieve some of his jewelry from Ari and things went left.

After the video, Atlanta police arrested Herbo and charged him with battery. The officers told MTO News at the time “Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim who advised that she was in a verbal altercation with the father of her child when at some point he assaulted her then left the location with their son.”

Adding, “He was arrested and charged with simple battery (domestic violence). The victim did sustain minor scratches as a result of the incident. The investigation continues.”

In January of this year, Herbo pled guilty for the incident and was sentenced to 12 months of probation and 150 hours of community service. He was also ordered to attend a 24-week family violence intervention program. All of which prevented him from serving time behind bars.

Here's the video: