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Future's Got AN 8th Baby Mama . . . Impregnated Bow Wow's Ex. . . PICS!! (Poor Nicki)


Rapper Future now has his EIGHTH babys mother - he's reportedly impregnated Bow Wows baby mama Joie Chavis. New images have surfaced showing Future's ex-GF Joie pregnant . . . nd word is - the baby belongs to Future Vandross.

This is BAD timing for Future, who is working out a relationship with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. An MTO insider told us that Future and Nicki are "trying to make it work."

But news of Future's new baby isn't going to make it easy for his new relationship with Nicki. The insider explained, "Nicki is VERY concerned with her image. She doesn't want to be seen as taking any type of an 'L'."

Nicki and Future are set to tour together this fall.

Future and Joie dated on-and off for about a year, and we hear that Joie is STILL IN LOVE with her rapper ex.

Here are pics of her pregnant.