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Rapper Future has been firing subliminal shots against his newest baby's mother - Instagram model Eliza Reign - both on the Gram and in court documents.

Now this morning, Eliza is fighting back against the popular rapper.

Eliza took to Instagram this morning and is telling Future to take the paternity test, once and for all to determine whether he is the father of Eliza's child.

Future currently has 8 children, by 7 different woman. If he is the father to Eliza's baby, that will be the rapper's 9th child.

Future is infamous for having multiple baby mamas, with some seemingly popping up out of the woodworks at times. Urban Islandz reported that Reign has been claiming that Future is the father of her child, but the rapper has denied it. This has been ongoing for quite some time now with the woman claiming that she is going to take the matter to paternity court but cannot afford to do so. It appears she has resorted to a much economical option to call out the “Molly Percocet” rapper.

But Future and Eliza have been locked in a bitter court battle for several weeks now. Additionally, Future is trying to get a gag order put on the beautiful Instagram model to stop her from speaking publicly on the matter. Eliza, on the other hand continues to speak out on the matter and is demanding both in court documents and on social media that Future at the very least, take the paternity test.

Yesterday, Future filed a very extensive court motion against Eliza. And this is how she responded on Instagram.

Look what she posted: