On Tuesday, Eliza Reign, the alleged baby's mother of rapper Future, went on the talk show, OnSite, to spill tea about their former relationship - most notably their sex life.

Eliza Reign is the eighth woman claiming to be Future's baby's mother. The rapper is rumored to have a total of 10 baby mothers.

And Eliza, who is currently suing Future for child support, had a lot to say about him during this interview.

First, she gave the interviewers a visual of what Future is working with below the waist. She said Future's manhood is very "big" and is about the size of a spray bottle. She also added that "it's thick." 

But bigger isn't always better, according to Eliza who told the interviewers that Future is still a bad lay - because he's lazy. She told the talk show Queen, "He wants you to do all the work during sex b/c he's a lazy f**k". 

Eliza also described how the two met. She claims that she met Future back in 2012 at a club. They quickly began hooking up, and she was having unprotected sex with him on and off up until she got pregnant. 

Future allegedly told her to contact him once she goes into labor and they'll do a DNA test. From there they'll come up with a child support agreement. 

When she contacted him he disappeared.

According to Eliza, she was 1 out of 4 women he knocked up at the same time. 

Watch (the good part starts at 31:57 mark)