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Future's Baby Mama Claims The Rapper Is Messing With Her Money!!

Rapper Future still has it out for his baby mama Eliza Reign, and the Instagram model is now accusing him of trying to hit her where it really hurts -- in the pockets.

According to BOSSIP, the rapper filed more than a dozen subpoenas to companies that do business with Eliza as their social media ambassador as part of his defamation case against her.

A source spoke to the outlet and according to them, "move appeared to be designed to intimidate the companies into ending their work relationship with Reign and hurt her pockets as she's had her work prospects slashed because of the COVID-19 pandemic."

The pair is still going back and forth over child support as Eliza requested $53,000 a month and Future countered, offering to pay just $1,000 -- $250 a week to help take care of their daughter.

Eliza turned down his lowball offer. Is $1,000 a month enough or nah?