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Eliza Reign is refusing to take her foot off Future's neck -- and took another swipe at him this week via her Instagram page.

“Your biggest hater is never a stranger… it be your own babydaddy," her post read.

Eliza has been battling Future in the courts, trying to get him to take a paternity test to prove whether he is the father of her daughter. She also continues to speak openly to the press and on social media that Future is the father of her child.

In response Future, just last week, filed court papers requesting an evidentiary hearing on his motion fora gag order, in an attempt to get Eliza, the alleged baby’s mother to stop talking publicly about the case.

Eliza is adamant that Future is the father of her child and won’t let up. She even took a DNA test recently with Future's other alleged baby mama, Cindy Parker, to prove that their children are siblings.

Along with the gag order, Future has also filed a motion to have the Reign's requested child support payments lowered -- which could mean that the rapper is finally accepting that he is the father of her child and now just wants payments lowered.