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Eliza Reign, the alleged baby mama of rapper Future is claiming that the star is deliberately trying to empty her pockets by dragging her through a lengthy court battle over the paternity of her daughter.

Eliza is currently suing Future for child support and alleges that he is the father of her daughter. Future responded to the lawsuit not only by denying paternity but also by filed a separate claim against her, alleging defamation. He is also filed papers asking the court for a gag order against her.

Eliza denies his claims of defamation.

In the documents obtained by The Blast, Eliza says his lawsuit against her is an attempt to “intimidate, harass, and financially drain the Mother herein so that she will either dismiss or accept an unfavorable settlement in the paternity proceedings which are currently pending before” the family court.

And as for his claims of defamation?

“To the contrary, his sexual relations with 7 other women with whom he has fathered children are all documented and widely reported on the internet and discussed on social media. It is unknown why he would think this one would be any different.”

Well, she does have a point? And why doesn't he just take the test?