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Cindy Parker, one of the alleged baby mamas of rapper Future has reportedly dropped her paternity suit against him.

Last year, Cindy sued Future after he denied being the father of her newborn son Legend. Despite his denial, she gave her son Future's legal last name of Wilburn, asked for a court ordered paternity test, and asked the judge to award her child support and custody.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Future finally filed his answer to the lawsuit on February 28, and just days later, Cindy asked the court to dismiss all claims. The outlet speculates that Future may have settled with Cindy out of court.

Last year, Cindy and Future's other alleged baby mama Eliza Reign had their children tested to see if they were siblings. The DNA results proved that it was more than 99% likely that the women's children are siblings -- making it likely that Future is the father of both children.