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Future is facing yet another paternity suit from a woman claiming to be the rapper's 8th baby mama.

According to TMZ, Cindy Renae Parker has filed a paternity suit in Nueces County, Texas, alleging that Future is the father of her 3-month-old son, Legend Ary Wilburn.

According to the breaking news outlet, Cindy says she's been trying to reach out to the rapper and have him served - but he's successfully managed to avoid her. Future reportedly agreed to a paternity test - but then ghosted her, so Cindy says she was left with no choice but to see him in court.

Cindy appears to be one of two women desperate for Future to take responsibility for his alleged children. Several months ago another woman, Eliza Reign, filed a paternity suit against Future.  In her papers, she asked the court for a DNA test, child support and for medical expenses she incurred while she was pregnant. She also trashed the rapper publicly for not taking care of his responsibilities - their baby girl.

Future then responded to Eliza's claims with a disparaging social media post accusing her of "stealing" his last name.