Last night Future blasted Ciara - claiming she was "nagging" "bothering" and "bullying" him, because she asked the rapper to spend time with their son Future Jr.

Ciara filed a court action against her son's father this week, to ensure that Future sticks with his visitation schedule. Ciara claimed, in her court filings, that Future frequently missed visitations with his son.

The purpose of Ciara'a action was for Future to see his son more frequently and on schedule.

But Future views the court proceeding differently. The rapper went on social media yesterday, and dropped some not so subtle shots at Ciara. He told his followers that Ciara was "nagging" him. Then he claimed that her actions were "bothering" him.

Finally, Future claimed that Ciara was "bullying" him by filing the legal action.


According to TMZ, Ciara claims Future's been terrible at keeping his daddy appointments -- allegedly breaking scheduled visits fairly often -- and tends to hand the kid off to the rapper's mother or grandmother without spending much time with him.

Ciara also said the constant back-and-forth was weighing on their son, and it was important they figure a better schedule for the kid's sake.

Her camp says they've been trying to figure this out without a judge stepping in, but to no avail.