Future Talks Influence On Late Rapper Juice Wrld's Music: I'm Heartbroken By The Whole Thing!!

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Rapper Future was recently interviewed, and he opened up about his influence on late rapper Juice Wrld's music.

Juice Wrld passed away months ago from an overdose while allegedly trying to evade the feds who raided his private jet.

Juice Wrld has, in the past, attributed Future's music as his drug inspiration. When asked how he feels about being an influence, he responded:

"Yeah, but it was so many people that came before me that talked about drugs from rock' n' roll stars to pop stars to people aware of other artists going to rehabs and aware of other artists' overdose and there is so many other people that was a part of this world way before me," he explained.

"It's just like, I probably shedded more light on it and brought more attention to it from my cadence or my charisma and the way people reacted to it, but everything I said was already talked about before me. Me having an influence on that, I just feel like...that is not my intentions," Future continued.

The rapper concluded, "My intention was just to be me. I'm just being me and what you get from it is what you get from it, but at the same time, I wouldn't want no one to go through anything to harm theyself or to bring death to theyself and Juice Wrld is a touchy situation. I'm heartbroken by the whole thing. My heart goes out to his family, his mom."