Future STRANDED A THOT . . . After He Flew Her Out . . . And She REFUSED S*X!! (Text Msgs)

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A Miami woman is claiming that she was "stranded" in Los Angeles - after she refused to sleep with rapper Future. The hip hop star, according to the woman, refused to reimburse her travel expenses - and had her THROWN OUT of the hotel - when he learned she wasn't willing to"give it up."

MTO News learned that the woman - an aspiring singer named Shamartess - met Future at a Miami recording studio. The two flirted a bit - and then Future invited her out to Los Angeles. Shamartess thought Future was interetsde in WORK . .. but he was apparently interested in much MORE.

Here's what the girl looks like:


Here's what she wrote on social media:

 Okayy now that I'm settled in my room I had to book I can gone tell y'all ... so I been talking to future since March ...

I chilled with him in Miami and went to the studio with him or whatever and he was so cool and nice ...like 3 days ago he told me he wanted to see me so I told him to book my flight; he told me to book it and he will give me my money back which was a 1,000 % of what I paid for my flight ... I paid 550 for my flight so when I got here he suppose to been giving me 5500.

He already booked my room and he had a key left for me at the front desk ... so I get settled in and text him .. he called me on FaceTime telling me I suppose to be waiting on him in the room with lingerie .. for one lingerie wasn't on my mind when I was packing .. I was thinking more of the studio my nigga.4.

but anyway I told him I wasn't on that type of time.. We talk but we don't talk enough for me to fuck him lol so Sunday get here .. I left to get something to eat and came back .. my key stopped working so I'm thinking I just put the key close to my phone and that's why it stopped working ..

I get to the front desk and they was telling me It wasn't working bc I was suppose to check out today .. I asked them how long the room was booked and they said it was only booked for Saturday which means he had plans to have sex with me and put me out anyway and not give me the 5500 ..

I'm so happy I didn't have sex with him bc He would've fucked me and still put me out .. at least I can say I'm not part of the collection al e

I just don't know where I will be in life and I'm not about to go around having sex with niggas to get where I want to be .. anything I do I work for it! It's cool though bc I have my own money and I didn't do nothing but book another room lol I just want my coins

And here are the receipts: (including text messages from Future):