Last week Future went hard against his ex Ciara and her husband NFL star Russell Wilson - this week he's going at Jay Z.

In an explosive interview last night, Future claims that he pulled up on Jay Z, after Jay rapped a controversial bar on his 4:44 song. And Future claims that he PRESSED Beyonce's husband.

The lyric goes, "Never go Eric Benét," raps Jay. "I don't even know what you woulda done/ In the future other niggas playin' football with your son." The line is an obvious reference to baby Future, the child of Ciara and The WIZRD rapper. 

But according to Future, the 49 year old mogul/rapper folded under the pressure, and started apologizing and "coping pleas."

Future explained to the interviewer:

Interviewer: When you hear a line from Jay Z talking about "Playing Football with Future", what do you think?

Future: When I talked to Jay Z, he was like 'I didn't really say that', 'I didn't mean it like that', but I was like you supposed to be begging up the rap community, and let the NFL [players] deal with the NFL [players].

I come from the streets, you come from the streets, you're supposed to be bigging me up.

Here is a clip of the interview:

Whether Future is blowing the line out of proportion or not, it doesn’t seem like his provocations are bothering his ex and her husband. While neither addressed his comments directly, their recent social media posts make it clear that they’re not too worried about what he thinks about them.