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Future gave a recent interview on Freebandz Radio on Apple Music, and in it he made some explosive statements - about his ex Ciara, her husband Russell Wilson, and many others.

During the interview, Future was asked, “How do you feel about Russell Wilson?” - Future responded, “He do whatever he told to do.” He continued on, calling Russell "a lame" and popped off about Ciara.

According to the rapper, Ciara did not allow Future and Russell to meet before she introduced Baby Future to Russell. Future believed that was "disrespectful" of Ciara to do that.

The rapper then continued to BLAST Russell, claiming that the football All Star does "extra sh*t" as if Baby Future doesn’t have a biological father in his life. which he does. Future added that Russell actually speaks on HIM too much. And he threatened Russell, saying that the football player "better not ever show up to a court date."

The one thing that Future isn’t upset about Russell - is teaching his son football. He says “why wouldn’t I want a champion teaching my son? I want the best for him”

Future is also clearly not over Ciara. He is releasing a new song called Temptation, that he hints may be about her.

He then turned to Lori Harvey. The auto-tune rapper told the interviewer that he was joking with Lori Harvey when he said “duck too late”. But he admitted that Lori couldn’t bring him home to the Harveys

Future said he "DOES NOT F*CK" with rapper/podcater JOE BUDDEN but that Joe's fiance Cyn is "bad as f*ck."

Future dispelled rumors that he took shots at Pee, CEO of Quality Control. Future said that he has no problem with Pee, he just talks cocky in his raps and people take it personally

Future also said that he has no beef with MikeWillMadeIt. Mike just decided to focus on his own record label. Future supports this 100%

He also told the interviewer that he wants to make amends with Rocko in the new year. He wants to work on a new album with Rocko since that’s his brother. He wants the beef to end.

Future then turned to his harem of women. The rapper says that the most loyal woman in the crew is named Ebony. The rapper then admitted that now that he’s attained a certain level of success, he needs to settle down. 

He also believes that settling down could be advantageous from a business perspective. Future says that his business partners don’t take him seriously when he brings his baby mamas, thots, around.

But settling down will be hard for him. The rapper told the interviewer that if he tried to marry one of his women right now, it would cause a war among all of them