Future has reportedly filed court papers requesting an evidentiary hearing on his motion for a gag order in alleged baby mama Eliza Reign's paternity case against him, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

Eliza has been airing Future out on social media after it appeared to her that Future did not acknowledge her daughter as his child and would not own up to any responsibilities as the child's father. Eliza is adamant that Future is the father of her child and even recently took a DNA test with Future's other alleged baby mama, Cindy Parker, to prove that their children were siblings.

The tests confirmed that both of the women's children are, in fact, related.

But Future wants them to stop talking about it. The rapper is reportedly concerned that "false and baseless allegations" would be leaked to the media - and let's face it... he really doesn't need any more bad publicity.

Future needs to take a paternity test to clear all of this mess up once and for all.