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Future sparked outrage after he posted a very shady post via his Instagram page.

Future posted an image of himself grinning along with the caption: "U gone cry in this phantom or that Nissan? She looked up and said PHANTOM." 

Many perceived the caption to be an admission of his poor treatment of women, which he seems to imply is OK, as long as he's keeping his ladies cashed out. Some are also seeing the post as a warning to baby mama-to-be, Joie Chavis.

The pair split shortly before she announced her pregnancy. This week, images of Future attending the baby shower held for Joie surfaced online. Joie posted several snaps from the seemingly happy event to her Instagram page, but the news was overshadowed by the fact that Future also took Brittni Mealy, another of his baby mama's and his current flame.

"Dang! He really make his BMs look weak!" somebody commented under the post.

"This n*gga future don’t care 😂😂" another said.

"No clown that looks like an old man, that's going bald with an over bite because he still sucks his thumb deserves any tears... let alone one that tries to buy women with money," another added.

One thing we should all know by now, Future couldn't care less what other people think. Ciara got out at the right time!