Future: Eliza Reign Turned My World Upside Down!!


Rapper Future is claiming that his alleged baby mama Eliza Reign has turned his world upside down -- after dragging him into a legal battle to seek child support and a DNA test.

According to documents obtained by BOSSIP, the rapper accused Reign – who is mom to a one-year-old, she said Future fathered – of falsely claiming that he tried to coerce her to get an abortion, and when she had a change of heart, threatened to have her murdered. He also says that he was humiliated after she spoke publicly about his private parts and his performance in bed.

Based on this, he has refiled his defamation suit -- but it does not appear that he has taken the paternity test which could potentially help him dispose of the case and has been ordered by the court.

Future denies that he is father to her daughter, Reign, although admitting to a sexual relationship with Eliza over the course of two years.