Lori Harvey spent Thanksgiving with her family in Los Angeles and immediately after Turkey Day flew with her family by private jet to Abu Dhabi - for their annual Harvey family trip.

All of the Harveys were there, and unfortunately for Steve - so was Lori's new boyfriend Future.

Future wasn't invited to the trip by either Steve or Marjorie. He flew out there on his own and has been hanging out with Lori ever since his arrival.

Future posted video on his Instagram story of him in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates yesterday. In the clip, Future is being driven in a Rolls Royce. He then scanned over to show Lori right by his side.

Later he posted another pic of Lori posing in an all-black ensemble. She looked gorgeous in the picture and was dripping in diamonds. He captioned the post, “Flawless. Tap for details.”

Future also posted another picture of himself and one of this goons, playing around with machine guns in the Arab nation.


So what does the rest of the Harvey family think about Lori spending her "family trip" with her new bae, and not her family - well MTO News has learned that they are "upset."

Our insider explained, "Steve is disappointed in Lori, and upset with Future. But there's not much he can do, Lori's an adult."

Here are pics of the rest of Steve's family, enjoying time in Adu Dhabi, without Future (or apparently Lori):