Rapper Future and Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey are supposed to be in a romantic relationship.

But last night, Future was spotted by the paparazzi going to the club, with another woman. And the woman bears a striking resemblance to Lori's mom, Marjorie Harvey.

And as soon as the images hit social media - there was an explosion of speculation. As of this morning, the hashtags #futurecheat was trending on Twitter.

Here are the images:


So who is this new woman, and what's her relationship with Future? Well we don't know.

But we do know that Future and the pretty woman arrived to the club together and left at the same time. Many also believe she bears a stunning resemblance to Lori's mother Marjorie.

For a comparison, here's a picture of Marjorie Harvey and Lori (before Lori's surgical enhancements):