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NY Top DJ Funkmaster Flex is claiming that Rocafella broke up because Dame Dash was inappropriate with Jay Z's girlfriend - who at the time was Beyonce.

The explosive allegations were made on Instagram yesterday, on 50 Cent's page

It all popped off after 50 cent criticized Dame Dash for trying to throw his former partner Jay Z under the bus. Dame, during an interview with Nick Cannon, suggested that Jay Z may have had a relationship with Foxy Brown when she was underage.

50 was criticizing Dame Dash for "dry snitching." Here's the back and forth between Funkmaster Flex and Nick cannon that ensued:


As you see above, Funkmaster Flex claimed that Rocafella broke up, because Dame Dash was "touching Jay Z's chick."

While he didn''t specifically mention Beyonce by name, the NY DJ certainly implied it.

Beyonce told US magazine that she first met Jay Z when she was 19 and they started their relationship in 1999. The couple came out publicly in 2003, when the video for their hit song Crazy In Love was released. Jay and Bey have been in an exclusive committed relationship since then. She's been his only "girl."

Rocafella broke up officially in 2008, nearly 5 years into Jay and Bey's official relationship..

Music mogul Dame Dash and Funkmaster Flex have been battling back and forth on social media for weeks. It all started last month when Funkmaster Flex called out Dame for referring to Lyor Cohen as a "culture vulture."